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Elements of a Church Partnership

Church partnerships are essential to Love INC. Without church partners, there is no Love INC. Each Love INC partner church commits to joining with other churches to provide volunteer and financial support for the operation of Love INC. Most often, in a comprehensive partnership, a church will demonstrate their commitment by:

  1. Introducing Love INC to the congregation.

  2. Referring requests for help to the Love INC Clearinghouse.

  3. Encouraging church members to participate in the ministry of Love INC.

  4. Organizing church members to serve by using their gifts and abilities.

  5. Accepting referrals for help from the Love INC Clearinghouse to existing ministries.

  6. Providing Clearinghouse volunteers from their church each year.

  7. Participating in the financial support of Love INC.

  8. Praying for Love INC, clients, other partner churches, and for unity in the Body of Christ.

In addition, a church may also:

RedSquare  Appoint one or more Church Ministry Coordinator(s) (CMC) to be the liaison(s) between
      the Clearinghouse and the congregation.

RedSquare  Create a church or joint church ministry to fill a gap in community services.

RedSquare  Follow-up with a visit to people who have received help through the Love INC Clearinghouse.

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